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FUTUREKIDS' staff is comprised solely of certified teachers with a Bachelor of Education degree, numerous other academic qualifications, years of teaching experience and a passion for teaching kids!



  • Thomas Bent

    Hi! I am the Director and owner of FUTUREKIDS.

    My passion in technology started when I was about seven from the first time I picked up a game controller for N64 console at my best friend's home. I've been hooked on videogames and computers ever since. I had dreams - like many of the kids we work with - to one day design and develop video games. This dream and drive for tech led me to FUTUREKIDS and now I get to share my love of computers and technology with all of the kids we work with.

    Currently during the school year, in addition to my work with FUTUREKIDS in our developing after school programming, I am working as a longterm-occassional teacher with the OCDSB often in mathematics classrooms.

    I look forward to us all learning together!

    Jamie As a graduate of the B. Ed program at the University of Ottawa and a Nortel veteran I have a passion for teaching and technology. I've worked in the gaming software industry as a video game tester (every kid's dream job!) and as such put a lot of thought into what makes a good game. I teach on a volunteer basis and play video games in my spare time which makes working at FUTUREKIDS as fun a job as I could ask for. If I was still a kid I would be pestering my parents constantly to sign me up for FUTUREKIDS.

    Hi!  I'm a business graduate with a B.Ed., and I have taught grades K-8.  I am looking forward to spending the summer making movies, cartoons and animations.  I can't wait to meet all the new campers, and hopefully see some familiar faces from past summers. 

    Andrew M. Hi, I'm Andrew and I am a physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and robotics teacher (wow thats a lot of science!) and have international teaching experience taught in Qatar and Abu Dhabi for the last four school year. I'm educated in Canada getting my M.Sc in medical physics and worked in a cancer clinic before changing carrer paths to become a teacher.  I am very much a educational technology nerd, with interests from robotics, programming and whatever else I can get my hands on!  I'm so excited to be joining FUTUREKIDS and sharing my excitment with you!
    Mauricio Hi guys! I'm Mauricio and I love movies! I've made several short films, some experimental video art, and some fun music videos. I went to film school in Toronto, graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Communications and a minor in Film Studies. I am now a certified teacher who has a passion for letting young people explore their creative side. There is a lot to learn and so much fun to be had. I hope to bring both education and enjoyment at FUTUREKIDS. See you all soon!
    I am a teacher with an engineering degree and a passion for technology.  When I'm not around gadgets, I'm playing with my kids and finding a bit of time for snowboarding and travel. I have been with FUTUREKIDS since 2009.

    Ben Hello future students!  My name is Ben and this will be my second summer with FUTUREKIDS.I pursued my Bachelor of Education after completing an Undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science, where I worked with Artificial Intelligence and Simulation.I am now a certified teacher who has worked in the OCDSB for the last 4 years.  I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old!  From Arkanoid to Zelda, I'm as close to a video game historian as you can get! I have also used computers since that age, when my father would bring home an Apple II from his school for me to use over the summer. On top of that, I have an interest in animation, and worked for the OIAF in the fall of 2009.  Finally, I am an avid drummer and music collector.  I look forward to enriching your child's summer with technology!
    Yanek L-L My name is Yanek, and as a member of Generation Y, I have grown up surrounded by computer technology. There was always a computer in my home, and some of the earliest pictures of me show me playing computer games on an old black and white Apple Macintosh. Computers and the games that can be played on them have remained one of my core interests throughout my life. I graduated from the B.Ed program at the University of Ottawa, and am now looking forward to my first summer as a teacher with FUTUREKIDS. I consider it an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for computer technology with kids from across the city. During the school year, I plan to be a teacher who stays in the forefront of technological advances in education. I believe that by integrating technology into children's learning experiences, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are limitless.
    Hi! My name is Kathleen and this summer I will be working for FUTUREKIDS! I completed my B.Ed. at York University with a specialty in French as a Second Language education for the Primary/Junior divisions and I currently teach within the OCDSB. While I am new to the profession, I have other experience working as a camp counsellor and as a volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. In the winter, I also volunteer with the Canadian Ski Patrol. 
    With all the changes to technology in our world today, I think it's important to stay on top of these advances and I'm always looking for new ways to integrate it into my teaching practice. I look forward to spending part of my summer working on the camps with the kids!
    Andrew T I’ve been hooked on video games and computers ever since I dropped my first quarter into an Asteroids game, way back in 1979. Since then, technology has been a major theme in my life, both professionally and personally. In my career as a journalist and more recently as an elementary school teacher, I’ve always been an early adopter and technology evangelist, teaching friends, coworkers and students how to overcome their tech anxiety and harness new applications to unlock their creativity and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Come join me at FUTUREKIDS and you too can unleash your inner geek!
    Jessica Hi! My name is Jessie and I'm so excited to be working with FUTUREKIDS! Technology is always changing and it's very exciting. I remember getting my first walkman, then my first discman, my first laptop and my first mp3 player. Nowadays, technology is all around us and a part of our every day lives. I have a B.Ed in English and Music, and I'm always looking for new things to learn about and new ways to implement technology in our lives.
    Hi! I am the founder of FUTUREKIDS, which I started it in 1996 as a franchisee of FUTUREKIDS Inc., based in California as a way to combine a love of technology with a goal to work with kids. These days I am pursuing other business interests and taking care of my beloved dog.



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