New for 2019!

In this course the Futurekids, ages 8-10, will be exploring the Lego Ev3 Hardware and Software. This Universal product fits perfectly into our S.T.E.A.M. learning model allowing for Science Tech Engineering and Math in combination with the Artistic and Creative Expression brought to you by our amazing staff of Ontario Certified Teachers.

In Ev3 Robotics Jr the Futurekids will learn about:

  • -The block-based EV3 Programming Environment
  • -Transferable programming logic such as loops, if/else, operators, variables,
  • -Electronics sensors and how robots interface with the world around us
  • -Problem solving skills and strategies.

These new skills will be put to the test using a range of sensors and lego hardware to solve tasks and challenges where robots will interact with their environment to solve problems.

At the end of the week for our open house the Futurekids will be showing off their projects to family and friends when they participate in a final exciting robotics challenge.  

2014 Winners


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